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Eloryia RA, is a Transformation Tutor who specialized in Life Liberating Coaching; with 30+ years experience guiding countless individuals worldwide.

Workshop and Webinar Leader
Retreat Facilitator
Emotional Release Therapist
Radio Talk Show Host
Feautred TV Guest
Published Author
Founder of the Rainbow Ranch/Sacred Garden Retreat
Co-Founder The Light Workers Directory

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"When a we are attended to with loving kindness; our self-esteem instantly escalates; we realize we matter and know we have not been forgotten or thrown by the wayside. With positive acknowledgement; we feel a sense of self-worth and begin to believe in ourselves. We grow in heart, expand our minds and express our spirit in many unlimited creative ways. We become loving self-reliant, self-responsible people who not only improve our lives; but can benefit others by becoming a positive contributing force in the world."

Why trust me to guide you out of your meaningless mess fear based existence; where you suffer from mental distress and emotional pain; into the realization and restoration of your mindful magnificent me authentic self who is the real you who thrives in relationship, finances, jobs and careers and more? A mastered life where the mindful magnificence of you is  activated and launched into living your light legacy; your Passionate Purpose"; where you are your own authority who confidently does only what is right for you.

Why do I know I can help you be who you really are and live the life of your dreams?

For 35+ years I have expertly and lovingly guided countless people worldwide to transform from a mere lack filled existence into the life  they desire.

But more importantly, I wake up excited every day because I know I can help you; as I have personally struggled in and out of the different stages of consciousness, as you may be experiencing now and found my path to reunite with my mindful magnificence and launch my passionate purpose doing what I love. I am joyfully dedicated to help you Master your life as well.

There is a lot of help available out there and you are free to choose. Yet you want to cut through the chase...after all we are all busy and need to use our time efficiently. I encourage you to choose this series; as it is a clear road map to mastering your life and will get you there faster and actually be effective.

Because I already know the pitfalls along the road; I can steer you to a direct path that will gracefully move you through any resistance arising to your mastery of life; of being the real you and sharing your wisdom and value with others in a way that makes you happy.

I can help you with effective and empowering multi-faceted moving energetic color and sound applications and modalities; as I gently and safely guide you on a magical journey to a peaceful mind, a happy heart, a strong vibrant body, and a radiant soul; as well asabundant finances and whatever else you deem desirable. I can help you leave behind your limiting fears that have caused you lack and kept you prisoner from reaching your greatest potential and moving forward with your true intentions.

I am especially excited about the Life Mastery series; as it is the compilation of 30 +years of my own personal process that has absolutely worked for me; as well as a guide for many others over the years in one on one sessions by phone or video chat. So you don’t have to wait; as the best guide is always the one who cut through the jungle before you and returns to light your path and show you the way.

I am going to toot my own horn a little bit; as over the years I have been inspired to and blessed with multiple divine gifts that I can share in many different forms and have had a blast participating in all of them. And I know you yearn to launch your specialized gifts to help others as well. So besides being a published author and artist; over the years I have also been a featured television guest and the host of my own radio show, a workshop leader, retreat facilitator and emotional release therapist. I am also the founder of the Rainbow Ranch/Sacred Garden and the Light Worker Directory.

What makes this series so special and unique is the audio/video book format where my divine gifts and talents are expanded in a way that is fast being proven very successful. As a soul I am a tone keeper; this basically means within me is the abiliy to translate high frequency tone into the lower dimensions to help others master their lives by reuniting with their authentic self. Tone is frequency, it is vibration and can be translated as color, form and sound. I was born mastered in the art of channeling high frequency color, form and sound; and in this book they come together in a harmonic unification that resulted in an easy flowing step by step guide; to assist you with a simple yet graceful transformative process.

When I was back in kindergarten is when I began to realize some of my divine gifts. One day I was introduced to paints and with the three primary colors in the form of finger paints; along with a very large piece of paper...I created my first masterpiece. I was so thrilled with myself I stated aloud I was going to be the greatest artist in the world. Of course and most unfortunately I was laughed at by the teacher and other students and although I continued to illustrate throughout my physically developmental years...I did not touch color again until I was well in my thirties. I was inspired by my lifelong mentors the Archangels Michael and Raphael to paint with color. And so I began and as I did I also started to discover the incorrect beliefs about my self and release the stagnant toxic emotions associated with the many experiences consciously beginning at the age of five in that kindergarten class that had limited my creative expression.

So if at five I knew I was going to be the greatest artist in the world with only a few colors and piece of paper...you can imagine what I can do now with all the digital technology available to help me express my divine authenticity; the real me, the tone keeper who not only holds but can channel the higher frequencies you need to shift beyond your illusions and limitations.

You do not have to wait for a webinar that is offered over a period of time or watch an archived webinar where you don’t get to ask any questions because you missed the original date. And by the way there is nothing wrong with all those webinars that are being offered; I simply am one who has always asked to be inspired on how to express my uniqueness and by the way; I always get what I ask for...just like you!

You can get right too shifting your consciousness and raising your frequency in the safety and convenience of your own home at a time that works for you by downloading the book . And I will be available on the Facebook group page, by email or you can schedule phone time to respond to your personal situation. And it is more than affordable!

"Eloryia's work engenders a true sense of faith and trust, while rendering an authentic, effective and successful change with each of those who engage her services." J. F. Minister, Parker Colorado

Video Part 2

Free Webinar The Illusion of Separation, the cause and culprits to why you don't have the life of your dreams. If you wish to take the first step towards this amazing series from the convenience of your home; now is the time to move onto the cause and culprits responsible for your problems, pain and lack!

I am not a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist nor hold any other earthly certification to mentor another into a healthy lifestyle. I simply hold the wisdom of first-hand experience of how to emerge from surviving a hellish existence into living a thriving life within my own unique Heaven on Earth. I am like the wounded healer who has experienced the kind of debilitating loss that would cause anyone to stagnate in fear of encountering more of the same.

In my first book; The Awakening, Book One, Ascension A Trilogy of Transformation I shared my personal plight of self-destructive abusive behavior due to the illusion of separation; which you will learn more about in the next part; entitled the problem, the cause the illusion of separation and its culprits who steal away the life you desire.

Anyway in my first book I shared how I lost my childhood from sexual abuse starting at the tender age of six months and continuing into my pre-teens. Which then led to participating in abusive relationships as a teen and young adult and openly confessed having been addicted to life consuming drugs and eating disorders.,

Shortly after book one was published and after many long years of assisting countless others with their awakening; my own life was thriving. I was in a loving, supportive relationship and living in the home of my dreams in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains. I believed I was free of the illusion of separation and well on my way to maintaining my mindful Magnificent Me.

In July of 2004; my thirty-two year old son Justin, was killed in a hit and run accident. This devastating experience caused me to revisit all the incorrect beliefs and they eventually took hold. Throughout my life I had heard there is no greater pain than to lose a child. Presently I know that is not true; as noone’s pain is greater than someone else’s; yet at the time I believed it to be so.

Despite the many years I had worked in service of the light, assisting many others in creating the life of their dreams; I found myself once again consumed by the erroneous beliefs of being rejected, forsaken and abandoned. I could never wrap my head around the loss of my only child; especially after I had worked so hard to help so many other children of God.

I consciously found myself engaged in extremely destructive thoughts. Despite all the previous processes of letting go of the erroneous beliefs that had stolen my young life and knowing the danger; I flipped back and forth between blaming myself for not being able to save my child and hating God for taking him. There were moments I made a conscious attempt to be happy so I could continue the work that was joyous for me; yet my unbearable pain controlled everything as it traversed between waves of uncontrollable grief to fits of raging revenge.

I lost trust in myself; not understanding how someone like me; so developed in psychic abilities could have known nothing of my child’s impending death. It mattered not what I thought or tried; all of it resulted in an unshakeable fear and I did not feel confident to continue working with others nor do the inner work that was so necessary to free myself of the victim state of consciousness. My life continued to spiral downward and rapidly became a meaningless mess in every aspect of my existence. In the years to follow I lost my business and eventually lost my home/spiritual center; which I dedicated over twenty years of my life and invested all my money in.

But I didn’t stop there, I became apathetic as my mind wandered through the depths of hell on earth; where the paralyzing fear of victimization reigned and eventually my body reacted to my indifference and many different physical illness and pains manifested threatening to devour the what little was left of me. I had turned the blame towards me and believed I needed to be punished for not being able to save my son. I had no desire to continue; this unconsciously became my passionate purpose. I lost faith in myself and my divine abilities; the very things I needed to see me through. I convinced myself daily of having nothing to offer anyone; crippled with thoughts of being completely and totally worthless.

Yet, within that darkened illusion; where the incorrect thoughts of the meaningless mess consciousness had almost totally consumed my mind, heart, body and spirit; the mindful magnificence of me continued to speak quietly in the recesses of my heart. Inspiring and encouraging me to get up and get out of my rut; by acknowledging I was more than what I had convinced myself of.

With this inspiration; I found myself silently calling out for help because I knew, even though I tried to blame anyone and everyone else, I was doing nothing more than destroying myself. Help arrived in many ways, shapes and forms to guide me with loving light and encouraging words to never give up. At first, I fought; attempting to defend my denial of the truth. Yet; the assistance appeared daily with the relentless truth of my magnificence. I found myself simply too tired to maintain my defenses. After engaging in the erroneous perception of loss and lack and many years of traveling in an RV to different locations looking for a new home; I eventually came to realize I had simply fallen backward into an unconscious state of existence; and I could still get back on the path of the unfoldment and alignment of my authentic self.

I knew I had to get present with my pain; rather than continue to attempt to escape it with additional crisis and drama based distractions. I had to be willing to see the higher understanding regarding the loss of my son; as well as really feel the pain; so I could release its stagnating and limiting effect on my life.

But still wasn’t quite done with inflicting pain upon myself. After almost five years of circling the United States; I found myself back in the Sangre de Cristo mountains with no job, very little money and multiple physical ailments. My brother gifted me a temporary home where I was only responsible for taking care of the expense of the utilities. At first, I hated being there because it reminded me of nothing more than my many failures.

The home had been devastated by a flood from a frozen pipe a few years earlier and although most of the cosmetics had been restored; it was still in great disarray with most of the original household items saved from the watery destruction, along with numerous tools and repair equipment were aimlessly scattered or tossed aside in boxes and plastic storage containers. Everything was covered in construction dust and very unwelcoming to someone like me who demanded order in her life.

I spent two months cleaning and arranging; trying my best to make a comfortable space for me to continue my miserable attitude. Each morning upon awakening; I would stand on the deck overlooking the majestic Sangre de Cristo mountain range, that had once been so dear to my heart, complaining of the weather, my pain or any other negative aspect I could zoom in on with my critical focus.

"Feelings are much like waves, we can't stop them from coming but we can choose which ones to surf."

Then one morning I woke up and made a conscious choice to change my thoughts and feel differently about myself and my environment. I found myself laughing silently, as I realized the house I was in was nothing more than a reflection of what I had chosen to make of my life. I knew that I had almost destroyed myself by drowning myself in my sorrow of the false perception of loss. I was already unconsciously engaged in cleaning up the mess my sorrowful flood had created. Now it was time to be present with me so I could consciously and joyfully return to my authentic self. The one who experienced overwhelming joy while working with individuals to help them acknowledge, accept and activate their divinity.

I stood on the deck expressing gratitude for the gifts I had been given. The gift of life, the gift of a home, the gift of a loving supportive man and the gift of beautiful peaceful surroundings where I could reconnect and align with my mindful magnificence as well as activate my soul star and claim and unleash my passionate purpose I had tossed aside thirteen years earlier when my son passed from his physical body.

I started taking one tiny step after another; beginning with participating in the breathing exercises in my own creation of the video entitled Change Your Life in Fifteen minutes and the exercises in the videos I had created years earlier of the first three steps of the Life Mastery Series. The memory of my true worth began to seep in accompanied by inspiring thoughts; there was still a life I not only wanted to live but was meant to experience. I finally found the strength and courage to begin again and rededicate myself to the service of helping others realize just how profoundly magnificent they are! The completion of this book being one of the first results of that devotion.

I know I am not unique in my pain; as many of you have similar experiences. Yet, regardless of what any of us create from our initial thoughts of having no value; each of us can choose to get up and move on into realizing all we desire. Independently or collectively we can all move away from a world of fear into a world of love, a super conscious ascended state of being that is realized through our mindful Magnificent Me who will indeed manifest Heaven on Earth.

Through all my self-inflicted persecution of darkness including all mental, emotional and physical pain, I came to know beyond a shadow of a doubt; each of us is made of pure compassionate love and each of us is to acknowledge that truth within ourselves and then extend it out to all others. This higher truth is now swirling and consuming all of us so we may consciously understand we no longer need settle for an ordinary life only surviving until such day comes causing us to pass by accident or illness. I am not unique; but I am a good example of how to emerge out of the darkness into the light. Just like me; you can raise your frequency to the mindful Magnificent Me by shifting your thoughts and attitude by attending to awakening, acknowledging and accepting the truth of you, coupled with releasing, the false beliefs which will restore your authenticity and allow you to align with and activate your soul star and unleash your passionate purpose This is what it takes to be free to be!

Changing negative thoughts and releasing emotional based charges will allow you to be your authentic self. It is necessary to release the multiple layers of fake identities and unhealthy patterns imprinted upon you from your blood family, and society. Only then can you truly know the depths of your heart and soul. The guiding steps that follow are equivalent to jump starting the battery of your life that has been lying dormant from lack of use, but it holds the empowerment of the freedom to follow its unlimited imagination. It knows not only how to dream but to pursue those dreams unencumbered by any obstacle presented along the way. The Mindful Magnificent Me is liberated from the personal baggage that previously held you back from fully trusting in self and joyfully participating in the adventure of life. You will feel like you have finally been born into the magical world of which you always belonged and had simply forgotten.

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