The Illusion of Separation
The cause and culprits to why you don't have the life of your dreams.

The Problem; how we got into the rut of the meaningless mess state of consciousness

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Part 3 of the Introduction to the Life Mastery Series
The Free Webinar: The Illusion of Separation, the cause and culprits to why you don't have the life of your dreams. Read text or watch the audio-video format in full screen mode.
The Illusion of Separation - Part 1

The Illusion of Separation - Part 2

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Welcome to The Free Webinar The Illusion of Separation; part 3 of the introductary portion of The Life Mastery Series- The Problem of how we got into the rut of the meaningless mess

The Illusion of Separation is the Cause and its companion Culprits; trapped memories, negative thought forms and unwelcomed emotions are why you do not have what you desire and deserve.

Please be sure to follow this book of guidance so you have the greatest opportunity for success. it best serves you to know the understanding of the original cause and culprits as to why you have not yet manifested all you desire. So please watch and listen to The Illusion of Separation and How to Get out of your Rut before continuing on to the 8 steps; as all the parts both informational and the exercises are valuable in terms of your successful transformation from meaningless mess in any aspect of your life , to magical manifestor and finally to mindful magnificent me.

Skipping the valuable informational part would be no different than taking a quick sponge bath and expecting to be really clean.

As I already said; we are all here for one reason only; to remember and reunite with who we really are…to reunite and align with our authenticity. This is where your attention needs to be to. When you are focused on the real you, you automatically align with your authenticity and connects you to the abundance of all things that already exists and is simply waiting for you to tap in and direct what you desire into your everyday world.

The real you has always and still exists. It has simply been overlaid with false beliefs resulting from adverse experiences and constricted by stagnant emotions. These memories and feelings are embedded in your subconscious and whether you believe it or not; they are in control of what you do or do not get; regardless of all your good intentions to imagine and affirm anything wonderful into your life.

You have always been a magnificent masterpiece, who from the very beginning has been covered in one veil of illusion after another. Its like you are an amazing, wondrous creation by the greatest artist in the world and someone came along and carelessly threw a sheet over you. Then others continue to pile more covers over you, until you forget how incredible you are because you are invisible to all including and especially yourself. The source of all our problems, pain and lack is the first illusory veil that shrouded your authenticity; the illusion of separation and once that illusion was embedded in your subconscious cells it created its companion culprits; adverse memories and toxic emotions. These culprits keep you cycling in a lower vibration that continually attracts more of what you do not want.

In this life mastery series, we are going to uproot the cause and lift the original illusory veil that keeps you hidden from yourself and misaligned with abundance. And we are going to kick out the culprits that have interfered with the manifestation of all you desire. Doesn’t matter whether your dreams revolve around love, wealth or health. We are going to focus our attention on the guidance that will effortlessly Awaken, Acknowledge, Accept, Release, Repair, Restore, Align and Activate the Real You; by simply watching and listening to 8 empowering audio videos created with high frequency tones, moving color and other abstract and relative images that are specifically designed to shift your subconscious mind from attracting that vicious cycle of lack, to aligning both in thought and feeling with your conscious desires and dreams of abundance.

Within the series you will also realize your divine gifts and talents and then remember how to joyfully express and expand them through the higher frequency of love by joyfully sharing them to help awaken and uplift ourselves and the world at large!

When we lovingly take time to focus on ourselves by applying high frequencies in sound and color they will directly influence a shift in any adverse memories and also foster letting go of the negative feelings surrounding them. As you journey through the series you will begin to raise your vibration and move out of the state of fear. You will become more conscious of what is right for you; as well as be grateful for the gift of life and vibrate at a rate more aligned with your authentic self who is then also aligned with the abundant universe. Paying attention to our real self allows us to openly and genuinely express the mindful magnificent me who flows with grace, in faith and trust thriving in the state of love that automatically generates abundance of health and wealth.

As I also said in the beginning of this introduction; the Mindful Magnificent Me is my term for your authentic self; the courageous free spirit, who is liberated from the illusion of separation and fear based survival and aligned to the reality of love and lives in the frequency of the abundant universe. It is the multi-faceted unified you; outwardly expressed as the free spirit who is on a joyful adventure called life.

This beautiful authenticity focused on an incredible life purpose or soul mission has been thwarted in all of us; as we are all plagued with the illusion of separation and its multi-layered after affects.

The original cause, the illusion of separation is the erroneous belief that we are separate from God or the all expansive, expressive abundant universe; due to falsely perceiving we have done something wrong or worse still something is terribly wrong with us; resulting in the stagnating belief we are not good enough just as we are. This brings about a false sense of unworthiness, which causes us to want to abandon our authentic self and adopt an identity we deem is more acceptable to those whom we seek approval from. We mask our authentic self in pursuit of some expected perfection to attract attention; to get the things we believe are being withheld from us and is the cause for why we are in lack.

The things we perceive we are lacking or have an abundance of; fall under the multiple categories of the aspects of life; mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, relationships and finances, all existing simultaneously. If you are fulfilled in one or more aspect; yet still struggling with lack or scarcity in the others; you are not yet fully aligned and activated and are simultaneously living in different levels of consciousness.

The first state of consciousness; I call the meaningless mess is a state of sleepy unconsciousness where you are vibrating at a very low fear based frequency. This is where you are completely shrouded in the illusion of separation and erroneously believe you are and behave like a victim of circumstances. This is when you are wide open to failing at creating what you want… no matter how hard you try. This is because you have never had to learn how to attract anything. You are already mastered at attraction. What you do not realize is that you need to raise your frequency by letting go of the memories and feelings within your subconscious that are not serving your highest intentions. While engaged in the meaningless mess you are given one opportunity after another to shift your energy by understanding it is your low vibrational consciousness; that is indeed already attracting everything you are asking for even though it is not what you want.

The meaningless mess is where you continually experience lack and create crisis or drama in one or more of your life aspects. This state of consciousness is very deeply rooted in the illusion of separation; which causes you to be unaware that you have some influence over the outcome of your life. You fall prey to victimization where your attention is focused on control. You attempt to manipulate the outer results causing you to fall short of the real goal of your full potential of the complete alignment with your authentic, mindful magnificent me and activation of your radiant soul star!

The unconscious state of the meaningless mess is what occurs once we subscribe to the illusion of separation. This is a stage of life when we are in a fear based rut and usually cycle through one unpleasant or bad experience after another. In this low unconscious frequency we whine about everything not working in our favor. We complain that life is not fair and everyone or thing is against us. We are assured that there is some conspiracy to knock us down and keep us stuck in lack of one aspect of life or another. We expect others to carry our mental, emotional, physical or financial load. We covertly or overtly project blame upon our lovers, family, friends and even strangers for being responsible for whatever lack we find ourselves in. When this seems to fail as well, we turn on ourselves and fall further into guilt and shame; which only ends up with more of what we don’t want.

As a result; we may at times find our relationships are thriving; but we lack the time and finances to enjoy them. Or we have money but engaging in one failed relationship after another. Or the relationships thrive and we are financially secure but our health fails. I can go on because these are only three examples that show although we may in a higher state of consciousness in one aspect; we are simultaneously experiencing a lower consciousness in another. This occurs because the incorrect beliefs based in hidden memories regarding any aspect of our lives, seeded in the subconscious, has tremendous control in keeping us out of alignment with the higher frequency of abundance and thusly we never get it all. As long as one or more are functioning in a low vibrational state we are at risk of destroying the aspects that are working in our favor. And the opposite is also true. If one or more aspects are functioning from a state of super consciousness we also have the where with all to pull the non-functioning aspects up rather than allow the non-functioning aspects to pull the others down. The only way to know what is functioning on full power and what is not; is to put our full attention on ourselves. This allows us to be present with, acknowledge and release what is within us that is causing harm.

In the meaningless mess we believe someone or something is in control of what we do or don't get! It shows up as lack and scarcity because we are conditioned through the original illusion of separation that results in a sense of no worth. We struggle with all aspects of life because of the fear, we also are in lack of trust and faith, have little patience and are reactionary in our relationships, health and finances. Our minds wander in confusion and we wonder why nothing ever changes; regardless of trying or not. One aspect of life or more simply appears to be meaningless or a total mess. We mostly feel confused, sad, angry, envious, resentful, depressed and even apathetic.

When we have had enough of being sick and tired of lack in any aspect of our life and begin to realize that projecting blame or feeling shame about life happening to us rather than for us is not working …we then make a decision to consciously or at times even unconsciously to make a change. This begins to move us to the higher frequency of the Magical Manifestor. Choosing to change on the inside, rather than spin our wheels trying to effect change on the outside; affords us the opportunity to make a huge vibrational shift out of the state of fear where we are only surviving into the state of love where we can thrive.

The magical manifestor is the in between state of consciousness. This more aware state and higher vibration of the magical manifestor is when we begin to get a clue about who we truly are and what we are meant to do because we start to understand we actually have some influence over whether we get what we want or not.

The magical manfestor is the gateway to awakening to the understanding; we are magnificent spiritual beings having a human experience and we are not nor ever were disempowered. We begin to place our attention where it is most needed. We attend to ourselves with love and take responsibility for all our choices. This willingness to be aware state of consciousness is the tool that enables us to let go of the subconscious fearful survival victimization encodings. We intentionally invest our precious energies to be present on a journey of self-exploration; so we may discover the hidden memories and change unconscious victimized thought to mindful thought, as well as begin to be willing to genuinely feel our emotions. When we are present and mindful we more easily observe our thoughts and emotions without reaction. As these are overturned our behavior is consciously managed which can’t help but bring about change for the better.

We get to see the positive results of the higher vibration that allows us to couple our mindful intention with feelings as if we have what we want already; is an empowering combination that has direct influence on bringing into fruition our desired outcomes!

We discover what is really right for us through multiple applications like meditation, visualization and an array of alternative energy healing modalities to find and eliminate the false beliefs about self and release stagnant toxic emotions that are seeded in the subconscious and are directly related to contradicting our intended outcome. Then we spend even more time attending to manifesting by choice; as opposed to by chance. We consciously engage in focusing our thoughts that are directly aligned to our authenticity; while making sure we muster up the appropriate resonate emotions we would be feeling as if we have our intended outcome already.

Sounds like a lot of work …right! Not necessarily so. All of this can be accomplished effortlessly by listening to the guided exercises packed with all the empowering modalities that will gently reprogram your subconscious from working against you to working in harmony with you. We will be using multiple exercises crafted with empowering high frequency energetic tones in the form of color, shapes, images and sound; similar to what you are experiencing now to Awaken, Acknowledge, Accept, Release, Repair, Restore, Align and Activate the Real You!

Although we raise our vibration when we move up in consciousness from meaningless mess to mindful magnificence that raises our frequency; we can still traverse all three states. While in the magical manifestor we may have glimpses of the super conscious state of the mindful magnificent me; as well as fall backward into the unconscious state of the meaningless mess. Falling back normally occurs for one of three reasons, unconscious memories seeded in the subconscious and toxic stagnant emotions attached to those past adverse experiences are the culprits who interrupt all our good intentions. This is why you cant mantra or affirm your way to the object of our desire. The subconscious mind is always engaged no matter what you are thinking or affirming consciously. So you must give it the higher frequencies to overturn its lower vibrational programming.

In the simplest terms; manifesting what you want is all about frequency. High vibrations or good vibrations will get you what you want. The way you raise your vibration is getting your thoughts and emotions aligned. You imagine what you wish to create and then immerse yourself in the emotions of how it feels to already have it.

I will continue with sharing in brief the three reasons that cause your vibration to stay at a low frequency that results in further disappointment; as well guide you and give you tools to deal with any of the three reasons no matter when or how they show up so you can raise your vibration to effortlessly manifest what you truly desire.

All three are manifestor contradictors; meaning they will always cancel out your best intentions no matter what.

The first reason our dreams are not fulfilled has to do with our thoughts. Specifically unconscious thoughts that block the path to success. If you are not fully liberated from a past false conditioned belief in an aspect of life; there is still some experience hidden under the radar in the subconscious mind producing a conflicting belief with what you are consciously intending. The subconscious wins out at least 90% of the time. It cancels out what you are attempting to create. The subconscious will stick with and create what it has been programmed to believe; until such time you attend to it and reprogram it to the higher truth. A good example of conflicting inner and outer thought is; you may spend a great deal of time convincing yourself that you want a loving relationship; yet internally there is an unconscious fear producing thought that love hurts. As long as the belief that love hurts exists, you may attract a partner yet will eventually end up being hurt.

This is why it is important to experience all of the 8 steps in their entirety; as each step addresses one of the common incorrect beliefs we subscribe to; starting with the illusion of separation that programs the subconscious to attract lack.

The second is related to emotions and although as the magical manifestor we are vibrating at a higher frequency because we have begun to shift our thoughts both externally and internally by gaining a greater understanding and have come to realize something we previously thought was done to us (the victim) was done for our greater good. …we are still not allowing the emotionally based charges attached to the experience to be released.

A good example of this is when we are unwilling to forgive. We may have a mental understanding of what occurred and why; yet secretly we hold a grudge…we are angry and resentful. Holding onto to these dense emotions will only interfere with most likely every aspect of our life. As you can’t think good and really feel bad and expect your desired outcome. The feelings need to be released; as all feelings are a magnet towards their own liberation. They will continually attract more of the same for the simple purpose of creating an access to freedom. This is why you can affirm something positive all day long and still not get what you want because the hidden emotions are in conflict with the thought of what you desire.

The third is; we simply get impatient with not getting what we intended in the form or the time we expected. When what we are intending does not show up immediately or shows up in a different form than what we expected; we then become impatient. We lose faith and trust in the intelligent, coordinated universal oneness also termed God and engage in attempts to force or manipulate the situation. Impatience is a low vibration, it brings about feelings of being annoyed, irritated, edgy, intolerant, aggravated and exasperated and as such when we choose to be impatient we are no longer engaged in the high frequency manifestation equation of mindful thought coupled with good feelings. Our dream plummets and have to start anew. And so it takes even longer for what we are intending to show up. It is usually not about timing; even though we are told time and time again…the timing may not be right. What is not right is your vibration; you can’t think good while consciously or unconsciously feeling bad and expect anything to change.

Let me give you a few simply examples of when we are out of touch with our authentic self; how it creates misalignment in thought and emotions and will result in a lack of patience; that does nothing more than bring about further delay. I am going to use the aspects of finances and relationship because we mostly expend a great deal of energy attempting to manifest these two things in our outer world. Mostly we are more engaged in the outer outcome of an aspect of life rather than paying attention to our inner workings. We ask for love, health, money ; meaning our attention is more focused on the result; rather than paying attention to where it all begins; on the inside that is either energetically aligned and vibrating high and contributing to getting what we want or there is some manifestation conflict blocking it. You can have a better life when you turn your attention to your subconscious where there may be hidden thoughts and feelings. When we do this we can skip all the wasted time on trying to manipulate or force ourselves out of the symptoms of lack by reuniting with our authentic self. Once that is done, the rest of life gracefully falls into place. In the 8 step exercises; you will experience the clearing of the cause and culprits within any one of your aspects on the journey to return to self through the simply modality of watching and listening to the audio/videos. As you do this, the high frequency sounds, colors and images combined with my audio guidance can effortlessly clear your subconscious so you can move out of any and all of the manifestor contradictors. Clearing out the old in thought and feeling that is resulting in lack. It raises your frequency aligning you with abundance.

So back to the examples.

Lets start with one about finances. We may ask for more abundance of finances; yet pass up the penny that appears in the street right in your path. You do this because you asked for millions and the penny seems trivial and insignificant. Never considering the penny may indeed be a sign of the simple start of the millions to follow; or an opportunity to see if we are truly willing to receive and be grateful for what we get. If we pass the penny and choose to emit negative energy in thought and feeling instead. We pulse out the message that we are not willing to receive at all because we can’t even be grateful for a penny. This interferes with the original mindful intention to receive greater financial abundance. If we can’t gratefully receive even a small amount; how can you expect millions. Being willing to receive and feeling gratitude for anything and everything are key ingredients to getting more.

Instead of feeling joy for a penny, the more likely response is getting trapped by the old incorrect beliefs of being a victim and we get aggravated while silently or worse still saying aloud. …”I asked for millions and all I got was a lousy penny. This behavior is in direct conflict with your mindful intention; as well as lacking gratitude for what you already have or are being given because it does not appear to be what you asked for. A more mindful way to handle this is to happily scoop up the penny and hold it for a moment in gratitude for your gift; that may indeed represent a small a sign of the beginning of the abundance you asked for. This may appear to be a silly explanation; yet it is a very powerful unconscious thing we do quite often while simultaneously expecting the millions to show up>II think you get the point so let’s move on to love relationships.

You may be asking for a partner, or even begging and pleading for that soul mate or twin flame to come rescue from your loneliness. You may even put a great deal of thought into this by imagining someone who is loving, supportive, honorable and respectful. Then the guy or gal shows up or they already may be in your scope of people you know and you don’t recognize them because you are too busy denying their arrival. I see this all too often with both clients and friends. They refuse to admit to an attraction because the person may not physically look like what they imagined and were expecting. A possible relationship is passed up just like the penny due to a judgment about their appearance or something else about them that doesn’t quite match your compiled list. You are too busy focusing on what they are not; rather than seeing what they are. All the while you are demanding to know where your goods are; lacking gratitude for your request being answered and still angrily impatient that you didn’t get what you thought you asked for This choice causes you to tumble back to victim once again.

Or you may be continually asking or praying for love; yet within the subconscious is the belief that love hurts. So how can you possibly manifest love if you are in fear of it. The emotion cancels out the thought of the kind of love you really deserve and you most likely end up with yet another disastrous relationship where you end up hurt.

Regardless of which of the three manifestor contradictions or all are at play…you can be assured there is something within you that needs your loving attention if you do not have what you intended to manifest.

But we get into detail on that in the information and exercises of the 8 steps…for now I am going to continue with the third and final state of consciousness. The Mindful Magnificent Me.

The mindful magnificent me state of consciousness is when we have raised our frequency to the highest one available; the state of love. That does not mean we are in love with another person; it means we thrive in the high frequency of love no matter if we are alone or not and no matter what experience we find ourselves participating in.

When we are in the state of love we are present with ourselves and results in being in super awareness of every thought and feeling. This allows us to instantly recapture and shift any random negative thought that may arise in any moment and any consciously feel any dense emotion that is conflicting with our desires; before they can do any harm. When we get present with ourselves and choose a state of love, have faith and trust that all is perfect; then all of life changes for the better.

As the mindful magnificent me because you are in the high vibration of love; you also consistently receive grace and with these high vibrations you stay conscious of and use the tools you acquired to get you there. Each day you gain more expertise to stay consciously clear on your thought, align your emotions to be resonate with what you intend or even something better and live in faith and trust; fully knowing the universe is matching the energy you emit to return to you exactly what you asked for.

As the magnificent me we live an enchanted life because we are in a graceful flow of gratitude for what we have while allowing ourselves to continually be guided and guarded by inspiration to fully follow our hearts to realize our dreams. We let go of control, we are free of all beliefs, the very things that got us into trouble to begin with. we no longer try to force or manipulate an outcome…we simply surrender to the divine flow of life. We live in beauty, grace, ease and comfort; as we are aligned with our authentic selves and being the divine magnificence of who we really are. We stop asking what the meaning of life is because we are fully engaged in giving life meaning by simply being our true self! We use our wisdom, gifts and talents as our livelihood to help uplift all of humanity! We connect to our passionate purpose and launch our living light legacy. That is a long way from the meaningless mess and certainly worth your pursuit and energy.

“So in order to get where you want to go from meaningless mess to magical manifestor and finally to the mindful magnificent me; you need to be willing to Get comfortable with the uncomfortable!”. This actually shouldn’t be a problem because it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that if you are experiencing a meaningless mess in any aspect of your life….you are probably pretty uncomfortable already.

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable means letting go of the illusion of separation by taking the steps to bring you to the higher understanding and full knowingness that you have never been separate from anything. Together, in the 8 steps, we are going to apply the real resolve to uprooting that cause of the illusion of separation and kicking out its companion culprits, unconscious memories and trapped emotions. This is what will raise your vibration out of fear into a frequency of love in both thought and feeling that will manifest what you desire.

In the 8 steps we will be overturning the deep seeded subconscious conditioned cellular based programming that was set in place by the illusion of separation. This is what needs to happen to stop existing in or falling back into the meaningless mess; where that inner negative critic, that inner saboteur resides within you in fearful conditioned incorrect beliefs. The critical saboteur cannot seem to help itself from destroying our dreams just before they are manifest. It needs your loving attention to move beyond its past painful existence.

Yet before we begin the journey of cleaning up the mess; let’s go back to the original cause; the illusion of separation; so you have a clearer understanding of what it is and how it got deeply embedded in your world.

Many coaches address the symptoms of this debilitating situation of not getting the kind of abundance you dream of and deserve; yet not many of them go as deep as tracking the original cause or mapping your way to releasing all that is attached to it that does not serve your greatest intentions.

So Where did the illusion of separation come from and why did we choose to participate in something that has led us devastatingly astray for most of our lives.

Now keep in mind; I am going to discuss parents or caretakers who surrounded you in the early stages of life. I am not by any means going to engage in any parent bashing tactics; as that will not free you from any negative conditioning impressed upon you by them. All that does is give you license to continue to project blame and keeps you stuck in lack filled victimization. In regards to parents or caretakers I am just going to talk about example and fact so you can understand how you got trapped in false perceptions of self that resulted in you not feeling good about you and incorrectly believing you weren’t enough just as you are and how it all took place. The illusion of separation was set within you without you even realizing at the time what was happening.

When we are born we perceive our parents or other caretakers to be the all-knowing source in our life. With limited comprehension, we do not understand completely from this young human perspective. We perceive them to be the authority in our life; because for a short while they are. After all; during our physically developmental years they make the decisions about what is right for us and what is not.

Because of the role they play, in not only giving us passage to life, but also appearing to have all the answers; we grant them the position of also being the authority figure and this automatically sets them up to be the judge who determines whether we are worthy or not. Based on their or society’s opinion of what is right or wrong; our initial caretakers dole out rewards or punishment rooted in whether they deem our behavior to be good or bad. This has an extreme influence on how we feel and think about ourselves because we are totally dependent upon them to give us what we need or want; not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. If they are happy we benefit; yet if they are displeased for any reason we stand to lose it all.

As I said; I am not engaging in parent bashing here; as you can choose to deny your authentic self for some very non-malicious yet unconscious behavior on a parent or care takers part.

So here is a simple example of how we begin to falsely think of ourselves as less than and not deserving of.

As we know; all infants need round the clock care. They have to be fed at a certain time regardless of whether it conflicts with a tired parent’s need to sleep or effectively meet any other obligation or schedule. So, lets say as an infant you wake up in the middle of the night simply because you are hungry and it time for your feeding. Yet mom, dad are exhausted and although they know they must get up to attend to your need, they would prefer to sleep. So you cry a bit longer and louder to let them know you will not be ignored. Eventually they stumble, eyes half open into your room and mutter some comment about your loud cries for attention when they rather sleep.

This unconscious and seemingly no malicious behavior by a parent can send a message to the baby that they have done something unacceptable. The infant does not yet have the capacity to understand the concept of a tired mommy or daddy who may have worked all day and have to get up to go to work again. They only know they are hungry and their cries are the only means they have to communicate their need or want.

Experiences as simple and seemingly insignificant as this; can easily plant a seed in an infant’s mind they have done wrong because mommy or daddy appear to be displeased. The last thing an infant can afford is to displease a parent whom they are dependent upon for everything. The baby does not understand what they have done wrong that caused mommy or daddy unhappiness and this sets in motion the false belief they have done something wrong or worse still there is something wrong with them.

This is how easily we can get trapped into denying who we really are and putting aside what is right for us in any given moment. We begin to shut down in fear of speaking our truth will cause some negative consequence, even when that truth is expressed non verbally. These seemingly unimportant experiences that mostly become buried memories as we continue to grow; start to change our behavior so that we act in a manner that is acceptable by those we deem in charge.

What else are we to do as all the big people have the power to give us what we need and get us what we want. This is when the seed of not being good enough; is planted within our subconscious and sets up the fertile ground to grow a false belief of disempowerment. We start to ignore our authenticity by being afraid to be who we are and genuinely express our feelings and with that the sense of no power takes over as a belief and eventually becomes our truth.

Many people who have been severely abused mentally, emotionally, physically or sexually do not remember until a much later time in life; yet despite horrific or what appears to be trivial experiences of not being unconditionally loved simply for who we are, can continue to affect you adversely when it comes to manifesting any dream or desire.

A middle of the night feeding met with anything other than complete love is how easily disassociating with our real self can start; yet many of us have had far worse situations occur where at a very young age we perceived judgment and suffered negative consequences from those we were dependent upon and deemed to be the authority in our life. And then we wonder why we can’t manifest an abundance of love or money or health.

Although you may not remember something as simple as a not so pleasant middle of the night feeding; these past experiences when we were denied or judged or even punished for asking for our needs and wants could certainly seed a false perception of wrong doing or unworthiness within our subconscious that takes control and plays out over and over again throughout our lives. If we are not lovable enough to get fed without incident when we are dependent infants; how can we possibly be deserving of anything in any other way.

As toddlers when we start to develop speaking skills, we attempt to reclaim our true selves and strive for independence with our ability to make our thoughts and feelings honored and respected and at times even stubbornly demanded we get what we want. And for some of us; those demands were met with various types of negative consequences; anywhere to the mixed message of sit down and shut up…after the adults spent a few years teaching us how to walk and talk; to being yelled at, spanked or worse for communicating a difference of opinion in what we felt we needed or wanted.

Am I advocating a child should be allowed to do whatever they want whenever they want. Absolutely not; as one of a parents responsibility is keep a child safe and allowing a child total freedom can be detrimental to the child’s well-being. I am simply stating a fact that if you were continuously guarded and guided consciously in every moment; with the love, honor and respect; despite fatigue or any other issue going on with your caretakers; you would have had a far greater change of remaining in touch with who you truly are.

Up until around the age of six; our little minds are like sponges. Despite our rebellious attempts; we simply accept everything we hear and see as truth; especially coming from those we perceive to be the authorities. We have no filters to discern the difference between what is right for us and what is not; other than how we feel. We genuinely express our true feelings in an attempt to communicate what is right for us. And then to make matters worse our feelings are often discounted by most; especially in the western world where logic and rational take precedence over feelings and intuition and eventually we lose trust in and fear our emotions and stuff them away; due to the punishment or other humiliation we suffer for honestly expressing them.

When those we deem authoritative exhibit disapproval, dissatisfaction, disappointment or even down right anger with anything we do, we receive and own the message we have either done wrong or are imperfect in some way. Most of the time, especially during our pre-verbal and toddler years, we didn’t even understand what it was we did, or said. In our young undeveloped mind we don’t quite understand we are simply being our self. As infants and toddlers; we genuinely express both feel goods and feel bads. We communicate our truth in behavior or simple words; only to at times be met with disapproval or even be punished for this natural state of being.

Nonetheless, regardless of whether our parents or other caretakers, spoke aloud or simply implied we were guilty of wrong doing or not good enough; this equated to the infant or toddler undeveloped comprehension of being rejected. Being rejected meant being abandoned and as a result we were especially terrified of losing their love that could result in also losing our base survival needs like food and shelter. Suffering some form of punishment or rejection for freely expressing our selves causes us to behave in a manner not consistent with who we truly are. These early experiences with parents or other caretakers, come across to a youngster as being punished or worse still rejected because we are simply in some way not good enough. Eventually leading to the unconscious choice to abandoned of our authentic self.

We think we have done wrong because there is something wrong with us and as a resolve to hold onto not only what we need but what we want as well; we chose to blame and reject our free spirited self for getting us into trouble to begin with. Our survival mechanisms kick in and this causes us to separate out from and abandon who we truly are to keep what we think we are dependent upon. We adopt a shadowed version of self, a false identity is developed by our self-imposed critical thoughts, coupled with what other’s dictate is right for us. We adopt a disguise and don an ego based mask, fashioned by our own or other’s demands or implications of who we should be, what we should do and how we should act to be thought of as someone deserving of their love.

As we grow and integrate into society, through school and other activities, we continue to be conditioned to behave in a manner that pleases others. We mask our authenticity in fear of being rejected if we dare expose our true self. We convince our self to hide behind this disguise; where we can conceal our anger and pain of being rejected for simply being who we truly are. We spend a great deal of energy caught up in this viscous cycle of hiding our true thoughts and suppressing our genuine feelings to keep everyone from seeing our real self. Then we add insult to injury by indulging in feelings of guilt and shame. Since all emotions fuel the fire of manifestation; we end up almost instantly attracting more of the same undesired outcomes; until our lives are a tangled mess of cross wiring and we are clueless as to how it began and how to exit.

The illusion of separation is the root of all our pain because it causes us to turn our backs on our real self; denying our authenticity. When we are entrapped in this illusion we are fearful if we do, act, say and feel genuinely and it will be in opposition to what others want, demand or expect of us and as a result we will not be able to get all our needs and wants met. The illusion creates a fear of lack and this is what conditioned us to put our true selves aside. To be something or live in a way other than our real selves just to please others will never get us what we are truly meant to have. We falsely believed we had to disguise our authentic self to be fulfilled. If it is true that as divine magnificence we are inherently abundant…how can we possibly claim our inheritance while existing under a false identity.

The illusion of separation is a false belief…it is nothing more than that an illusion that we unconsciously chose to subscribe to and then gave it control over our lives. It manipulates us through fear to do what others demand or expect of us and as such as long as you are being something or someone other than the real you; you will never get what we rightly deserve. What you will get is what the fear you emit produces back in manifested form; simply you will only get more of what you say you do not want. Including getting more of the illusion of separation. When you fear other will reject and abandon you; that is exactly what you are calling into your life. When you have abandoned yourself, the outer world will reflect this back to you until you engage in self-care to realign with your authentic self.

The illusion of separation is the root cause of any lack we experience. Because without the empowering high frequency of authenticity; we fall short of the full manifestation recipe. We can’t just imagine, mantra or affirm to get what you rightly deserve; because the authentic you who is generating high frequency thought and feel good emotions are canceled out by the lower vibrations stemming from the hidden memories and trapped emotions from those past unpleasant encounters . This is what contradicts your good intentions and blocks the life we dream about. This unfulfilling cycle simply continues to play out until we choose to be consciously present and courageous enough to embark on a self-discovery journey that will reprogram the incorrect beliefs to the highest knowingness of the truth of you.

"Unto our own self be true"; is what will uproot the illusion of separation.

Although it may be temporarily uncomfortable to explore the hidden memories to overturn incorrect beliefs and release trapped emotions…if you are not manifesting what you are intending; than most likely even though you think you are done with your past…it may not be done with you.

It is far better to have a higher understanding of what was really happening in the past; so you can let go of and be free of what does not serve what you desire in your present day life…than it is to continue to ignore it and allow it to cause you to fall short of abundance of any good things for the rest of your life.

In the eight steps we will do this in a very safe, loving, compassionate, nonthreatening way; so you can align with and express the real you who is free from the past hurtful situations where you bought into the incorrect beliefs of being less than deserving of the best of everything; even if it was nothing more than mommy or daddy being too tired to respond lovingly to a middle of the night feeding.

It is now time, more than ever, to learn to be aware of subconscious erroneous negative beliefs from adverse experiences manifested from the illusion of separation; that have resulted in unbecoming and unhealthy behavior patterns that are causing you to lose all you dream about. It is time to understand how these beliefs translated through the lower mental function of thought manifests painful existence. Only when we are willing to take responsibility for our thoughts, emotions and actions, express them openly and honestly without projecting blame on others or our self, will we move beyond the victimization to change our world from the old painful expression of base survival to the higher vibration of blissful abundant living. Believing we have done something wrong or there is something wrong with us; lays claim in our subconscious that we are not enough. This false and extremely unhealthy opinion of self, caused us to abandon our divine magnificence and is mirrored to us by judgments of others. It interferes with our ability to be present with ourselves to raise our frequency to live the life we have long desired.

This judgmental attitude caused by the illusion of separation keeps you stuck because it manifests into one’s reality as a lower vibration. It creates blocked energy that keeps us from wholly aligning with our genuine self and then results in lack in other life aspects; we are consciously requesting or praying for. This erroneous belief of separation originated with the irrational thought that we have been abandoned because we are undeserving or “less than”; couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth in fact is; we have done nothing wrong, nor are we less than perfect! What did happen is that we abandoned our true identity.

Not long after we adopt the illusion of separation; we get stuck in the tangled mess from the state of fear and unconsciously develop a plan to live a life of aloneness, reeking with lack; simply because of our unwillingness to consciously accept that subconsciously we may believe we are less than magnificent. We continually play it out by creating one drama ridden crisis of some lack after another.

When we believe we are less than whole; there is little to no attention paid to our authentic self; we avoid self-care because we are too consumed by fear of survival. The free spirit the outer expression of our authentic self is imprisoned and becomes energetically inhibited in its expressive nature and you behave like a frightened child because you lack proper guidance. You lose touch with your value; not fully comprehending the rejection and consciously or unconsciously turn your focus to erroneous thoughts of unworthiness that demands you seek validation of your worth by acquiring things or through attention from others.

When we are unconscious of the cause, the illusion of separation; it controls our existence through fearful thoughts that generate negative emotions; that continually cause you to feel badly about yourself and then behave in an unbalanced manner that clearly states a belief of no value; all the way to being totally worthless. Believing one is worthless, regardless of whether you are conscious of this belief or not, is more than a justification for suffering the punishment of living a life in a lower state of consciousness with far less than what is rightfully yours. This vicious cycle can rotate out of control continually spirally downward until you think and feel taking any action is pointless.

Regardless of having matured physically; if you are still suffering in lack in one aspect or another; you are still holding onto the erroneous belief of separation and for the most part of your life you succumb to fear, terrified of aloneness and its companion lack. Fear is the lowest vibration and as such You may manage to survive; but at what cost when life mirrors nothing more than a passionless meaningless mess existence. Some even go numb and turn to external stimulants of other people or substances to help feel anything at all. All the while constantly dreaming of how life could be if only you could somehow, someday knew how to get your hands on an abundance of money, health, happiness and especially love you see others enjoying.

Maybe you have or will acquire some of these things throughout your life as you bounce in and out of the lower fear based consciousness and the higher love based consciousness; yet most likely it was only temporary. No one can maintain a life of abundant prosperity of all wonderful things until one chooses to stop traversing between the lower and higher states of consciousness and sets their feet firmly on the path of aligning with your true self by being mindfully present with whomever or whatever it is within; sabotaging all our good intentions.

When you consciously choose to raise your vibration you lovingly redirect your energy to focus on the saboteur, the victim within who believes they have been rejected and abandoned; with the unconditional loving support it needs to feel safe and be heard without fear of judgment or negative consequences; you have a chance to be released from the subconscious unhealthy captivity of your lower understanding that interferes with your authenticity and all your consciously intended outcomes.

Choosing to continue to deny your victim; who is responsible for creating the meaningless mess and its associated lack, will never allow your long sought after liberation; as this is the part of you who has subscribed to the illusion of separation. This is the wounded part of you who unconsciously and erroneously believes they are not good enough because they have done wrong or are imperfect in some way. As long as this part of self is unattended it will continue to program your subconscious with its false beliefs and will always be in direct conflict with aligning with the real you and manifesting everything you are consciously intending. It is a manifestation contradiction; as it thinks and feels differently than what you think and feel consciously. Allowing your victim an opportunity to express both thoughts and feelings, good, bad or indifferent, will support its full emotional maturity; which then frees you from the culprit who has been at the core of destroying your dreams and realigns you with who you really are. As I said before we do this together in the eight steps with ease and grace. The victim can be lovingly heard, adjust its thinking and release its pain; which will then reprogram the subconscious. All this can be done effortlessly with high frequency sound, and colorful images accompanied by audio guidance. All you need do is listen and watch!

You were never guilty of not being good enough or wrong doing. It is the illusion of separation that has caused the experiences of being punished through rejection, betrayal or abandonment. The role of those you felt betrayed by; despite adversity, was to deliver a message. The message was to help you become consciously aware you rejected, betrayed and abandoned yourself with a false belief. The belief that you had to be something or someone else to be deserving of love.

When you were born, your soul intentionally lowered your vibrational rate until it took physical form with an ego; so you can properly navigate the earthly environment. Your body and ego are the aspects of you which allows you to exist in a world of matter. Yet although your ego, who most often expresses as a victim, is an important aspect of you; it was never meant to control your life. The ego is the part of you that creates the earthly illusions you intended as soul to master.

We all have an ego, no matter how spiritual we think we are. We simply cannot exist in this world of dense matter without it . and as such the illusion of separation is encoded within all of us. Many engage in battle with it once they understand some of the adverse effects it has had on their lives. They want to destroy the ego. Yet if you engage in destruction, you simply give the ego more energy to continue its destructive efforts.

The task at hand is to understand the ego can also work on your behalf. It is mastered at separating you from your authentic divine magnificence and all the grace that is rightfully yours. You can redirect it to now master keeping you in a state of love, living in oneness by being the real you. You do this by embracing our ego; by aligning with the truth; thereby realigning the ego out of its mastered position of being in control of everything to placing the ego in its appropriate position of the multi-faceted constellation of the heavenly stars we are. Our ego is what helped us survive throughout all those adverse conditions. Yet, it also is responsible for perpetrating the guilt, the shame and the eventual punishment of self-expression through betrayal, rejection and abandonment. Although the ego may sound like the enemy it is not. Through its negative conditioning it is still assisting us with our memory of your true value and worth. It needs our assistance in helping it realize the higher truth; so it finally understands no wrong was done. Until we pay attention and redirect the lower mental body ego thinking encoded in the subconscious; It knows no other path other than continue to be the habitual victim it is accustomed to.

The ego’s need for punishment based on its erroneous belief of being lesser than will continue to be fueled by the deep unreleased emotions. The Mindful Magnificent Me knows it deserves all good things; which come about from being free to be it’s authentic self. The mindful magnificent me will use all its divine gifts and talents to express the love it is. It wishes your lower state of consciousness that directs the meaningless mess victim to be raised into the higher truth of the super conscious all-knowing universal mind of the Oneness it already knows. It calls out for this vicious cycle of self-hatred combined with self-punishment to be stopped. The mindful Magnificent Me soul not only has desire, it holds intent. It knows the truth and the truth is relentless. It will not give up; as its intention is to be its greatest potential, to live in the state of love, expressed freely unto self and all others.

“Every master was once a disaster!”

The mindful magnificent me soul of you has been and will continue to call out to you in its devotion to return to love of self and be able to express as the free spirit it is and rightly deserves. It works diligently even through adversity to help you understand your erroneous thinking and to surrender your struggle to survive. It lovingly speaks to you via the heart of you, the voice of your intuition, to overturn this illusion of separation so you can remember and express your magnificent self.

Your magnificence is attempting to help you remember and acknowledge its very existence; so you can unify all aspects of self to express what is right for you without interference or limitation fearfully imposed upon you by you or anyone or thing outside of you. It has done so; so you may regain your connection to and alignment of your true authenticity who is the authority in all you do, say, think and feel; by accepting the truth of your true heritage. Acceptance and activation of this truth will finally overturn the ego’s incorrect beliefs of being abandoned, separated, or rejected by God or anyone else.

When you subscribed to the illusion of separation, you fell prey to the incorrect belief of being a lesser child of God/Goddess. When this belief is encoded within you; it matters not what you consciously attempt to convince yourself of; you will continue to manifest more self-punishment by living a life that lacks something. Despite your thoughts about yourself; you have never been abandoned or forgotten; you are lovingly supported even through these adverse manifestations to remember and awaken to your magnificent divinity. With your conscious participation; the hold your past painful experiences have on you can be unfastened with your willingness to feel and release the pain.

You, along with many others have been longing to be rid of these lower vibrational earthly illusions, accompanied by multiple incorrect beliefs; to free you to return and reunite with yourself. The natural way for each of us to accomplish this is to bring all inner aspects of self into unity. We will do this in the 8 steps so this intentional harmonious alignment will be projected as your magnificence; where you thrive in abundance of all wonderful things. Despite experiencing only survival for many years; regardless of how young or old you are, or what your present circumstances are; you can rebirth into a new world when you consciously merge all of you into your Magnificent Me who is, has always been and will always be nothing less than pure unconditional radiant love.

“Do not seek in others that which you refuse to find and cultivate within yourself.”

When you choose to apply self-care to give yourself the needed attention of self-nurturing; you can mentally, emotionally and physically return to the love and acceptance of your true self; where you acknowledge magnificence. You then can reclaim your divine ancestry regardless of whether you call it God, Goddess, the Great Spirit, the Source, the Universe, Jehovah, Krishna, Yahweh, etc.; as all are simply different names for the same high vibrational energy of love. Unifying all aspects of self is what will unleash your Magnificent Me and allow you to live in a state of Ascension, also known as HEAVEN ON EARTH.

When one is separate from self they also do not listen to their heart song. In order to participate in a life liken to your own unique heaven on earth; you must follow the song in your heart. The song within your heart will guide you to a joyous life; as it is the combined voice of the integrated aspects of your soul; singing its desires and intentions through your intuition. It is your unique expression of passion; and is not to be kept inside of you. It is to be sung loudly for all to hear for the enlightenment of humankind and the upliftment of mother earth>To come home to self is to awaken your mind to raise it from a sleepy unconscious state to the higher super consciousness of the truth of being a divinely magnificent aspect of the Oneness of all.

Then you are free to authentically be whom you truly are in any given moment. You no longer need act out from the incorrect belief you are less than or not enough. You no longer need to demand, manipulate or coerce the attention of others to fulfill some lack you perceive within yourself. You are giving unto self the very love of which it is. You are completely prosperous on all levels because you are free of fear and thusly you have Ascended; by mastering the illusion of separation. Living in the higher consciousness state of love is Ascension and thusly your life is Heaven on Earth where you live in joyful bliss, at peace in the state of love rather than fear.

This is when miracles are not only possible but probable and appear effortlessly. You cannot help but be prosperous because you are aligned with the real you; you are mindful of the truth that you are fearless with a brave courageous heart that is present with its feelings and sings its own song and dances to the beat of its own drum without concern of opinion of others or negative consequences.

A loving brave courageous heart can do so because it knows Oneness and thusly does no harm to any other life form. It is free and allows all others to live freely as well; in what is right for them. A loving brave courageous heart is free of all limitations that were stagnating its expression because it was held captive in fearful thought forms and unresolved emotions from past experiences. You will not fear the unknown future, as you live only in the present moment; free from the past that tethered you. Fully knowing you are protected in the expansive sphere of love and the light of truth. You know you are the Divine Magnificence in human form on a journey of enlightenment and activation of your soul star self. You live in the present moment, the now, fully aware of the preciousness of breath; continuously reminding you of the gift of the now; the Present!

The time is now to be free of fear by remembering who you are; so you may align with, accept and unbridle your mastered magnificent state of love. This is not something you are learning to become; it is a being ness you already are! You are not becoming anything. What you will be doing in the 8 steps is removing thoughts and emotions that are unbecoming of you. You only need realize it and then choose the state of love; so you are free to live the life you dream of.

It is time to free your mind and heart, so the soul of you can expand in its expression of self; fully knowing it is the manifested union of the wisdom of the higher mind, known as God and the grace of the heart, the Goddess. It is a child birthed from love. The divine magnificent child who is free to be in every moment of every day!

Someday you will return to your starry origins in the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven; yet why wait to experience all that love and blissful peace when you can live in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth right here and now!

Stop betraying, rejecting and abandoning self by being separate from self; bring all aspects of self back into the realization of Oneness. Come home my beloved, to the truth where your peaceful mind, loving heart, expansive soul and free spirit exists in harmony with one another. Come home to where true love awaits you; where you will not be inflicted with the illusion of separation where you are plagued with abandonment, betrayal and rejection.

You have an opportunity right here and now to be birthed again in this moment; so thusly in case you were not paying attention to the first time I said it; know you were born a mindful magnificent me and have only forgotten that higher truth along your journey of life experiences. You are an aspect of the ONE and are fully supported by an abundant universe, simply remembering who and what you are! Choose to live from this moment on and forever in the knowingness you and all others are perfect!

Imagine how life would have been different had you consciously remembered who you really are. Imagine how different life can be now as you accept, align with, restore and activate your mindful magnificent me.

"I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body."- Dele Olanubi

Come back to love so you can go beyond even your wildest imagination; where you are free to simply allow all you desire and more can be to become manifest without the interference of the lower consciousness meaningless mess nor the limitation of the magical manifestor. The mindful magnificent me is where all your dreams come true because they are designed and directed by the orchestrated flow of your high vibration in harmony with an abundant universe!
This is the end of the illusion of separation; the original cause of why you do not have what you want!
You can now move onto Getting out of the R.U. T.

Lets move forward so you can shift from broken to breaking through. It’s time to end the meaningless mess so you can live in the magnificent me.

This is the end of the illusion of separation; the original cause of why you do not have what you want!

After completing the webinar you are ready to Get started by Getting Out of Your R.U.T and the 8 Transformation Steps to awaken, acknowledge, accept, release, repair, restore, align and acitvate the real you. The life liberating roadmap to change a meaningless mess existence to a magnificent passionate purposeful life! Get Started Now!